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 About milk

Diseases which can be transferred through milk products
A number of diseases can be transferred from cattle to humans through milk products, because milk contains more than 90 various nutritious materials. Just because of that, milk is precious food. The only bad thing in milk is the fact that it is perfect environment for various microorganisms as well. One of the most common diseases which can be transferred through the milk, from animals to humans, is BRUCELOSIS. It is well known that even humans who has no direct contact with animals can suffer from this disease, and milk is considered to have the major role in transfer of that zoonosis. Brucelosis is transfered also through milk products, made frofatlk which is not thermically treated. Thermal treatement of milk prevents transfer of infection through milk.

As every cow, whose milk is being bought by Zenica milk industry ZIM is under constant veterinary supervision, and as every liter of milk which is bought by Zenica milk industry ZIM is thermally treated, we have full right to claim that we offer 100% healthy and natural food to You.

Therefore we recommend to You: let's buy healthy, quality, natural, and and Bosnian products - products of Zenica milk industry ZIM!
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