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 About milk

Fresh pasteurized milk is ideal, well-balanced, useful food, rich with necessary ingredients, such as: proteins, lactosis, fat, minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

Svježe pasterizovano mlijekoFresh pasteurized milk can easily become unusable, if kept outside refrigerator. Don't mess fresh pasteurized milk with long-lasting milk, which can be kept outside refrigerator.

The perfect way of milk treatment is pasteurization, irreplaceable care for fresh milk. Pasteurization is thermal milk processing lasting 12-15 seconds on 72-75 °C followed by rapid cooling to +4 °C, which preserves all nutritients. After pasterization, the milk should be kept in refrigerator.
Pasteurized milk should not be boiled, and it is enough to warm it up, because boiling destroys most of nutritients, especially vitamins and provitamins.

Milks owes most of its taste to the fat contained in it. Under regular conditions, the fat is being collected on top, making soar and taking the taste off the rest of the milk. Homogenization is the process which distributes the fat equally through the whole volumen. Fresh milk in that way becomes easy digestable, without loss of taste.

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