Zenica milk industry "ZIM
Kanal 32, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Tel. +387 32 457 484 
Fax. +387 32 457 358 
E-mail: zimze@bih.net.ba 
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Fresh pasteurized milk
Svježe pasterizovano mlijekoFresh pasteurized milk is ideal, balanced, useful food, rich in necessary ingredients, such as: proteins, lactosis, fat, minerals and enzymes.

Fresh pasteurized milk can easily become unusable, if kept outside refrigerator. Don't mess fresh pasteurized milk with long-lasting milk, which can be kept outside refrigerator.

ZIM produces fresh pasteurized milk with 3,2% and 2,8% fat, packedin PET foil of 1/1 liter, and pure-pack (carton) packing of 1/1, 1/2 and 1/4 liter.

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