Zenica milk industry "ZIM
Kanal 32, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Tel. +387 32 457 484 
Fax. +387 32 457 358 
E-mail: zimze@bih.net.ba 
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Liquid yogurt
Liquid yogurt is ideal fermentized drink and source of quality ingredients for nutrition of every human. ZIM's liquid yogurt is also dietary product, with low calories, easily digestable and balanced product for all ages. Increased percentage of milk acid, which is one of its major characteristics, improves microflora of digestive tract, doubles resorption of calcium and phosphore salt and lowers cholesterol level in blood. It is being recommended after antibiotics usage. Liquid yogurt has refreshing and aromatized taste and holds first place in the palette of ZIM dietary products.

ZIM produces liquid yogurt with 2,0% fat, packed in pure-pack (carton) packing of 1/1, 1/2 and 1/4 liter and PET foil of 1/1 liter.

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