Zenica milk industry "ZIM
Kanal 32, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
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E-mail: zimze@bih.net.ba 
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Sour milk
Sour milk is natural fermented drink without preservatives or aditives. The production of sour milk is taken from ancient procedures developed by our grandfathers from the mountains Vlašić, Lisac and Lastavica. Its characteristics follow yogurt closely, since it is basically domestic product, from our kitchens.

Sour milk is recommended with dry meals and pies, because the milk acid, which is one of the main ingredients, improves digestion and resorption of other food. It is useful in nutrition for all ages of consumers, because it positively influences growth and improves strengthening of the body.

ZIM produces sour milk with 2,8% and 2,0% fat, packed in PVC glass of 0.20 and 0.18 liter.

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