Zenica milk industry "ZIM
Kanal 32, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
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E-mail: zimze@bih.net.ba 
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Sour cream
Sour cream with 12 and 20% fat is fermented product. It is extracted from selected milk fat from ZIM's fresh milk. It is being produced from enriched milk fat, it is solid, thick, sour and pleasant in aroma. It is used directly as food, but also for cooking and spreading, and in salads.

Sour cream and cream "mileram" are excellent food additives, since they make it better and tasteful (dressings, sauces, soups, pastas and fruit creams). It is recommended to users of all ages, especially to younger population.

ZIM produces sour cream with 12 and 20% fat, packed in PVC glass of 0.18 lit., 0.20 lit. and 400 gr.

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