Zenica milk industry "ZIM
Kanal 32, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Tel. +387 32 457 484 
Fax. +387 32 457 358 
E-mail: zimze@bih.net.ba 
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Fresh cow cheese
Fresh cow cheese has a unique taste, pleasant smell and aroma, it is rich with minerals and proteins, easily digestable and irreplaceable in dietary meals. ZIM's fresh cow cheese is produced without preservatives or additives. It has multiple use: when it is consumed directly, as ingredients of other meals or as part of various sauces and sallads. No matter how it is consumed, this cheese attracts gourmets of all ages, as well as other experts who are aware where is the source of good energetic food.

ZIM produces fresh cheese with min. 20% fat, in dry matter, packed in PVC boxes of 0.5 kg and plastic foils of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 kg in rinfuse.

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