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Soft cheese
Soft white cheese is the product made of natural fresh thermally processed milk, without preservatives or additives. The cheese is packed in original vacuum packing (PVC) of 200 to 1000 grams and PVC boxes of 15 kg.

Experienced gourmets give advantage to cheeses with increased fat percentage, such as our soft cheese, because milk fat intensively improves the taste and gives better aroma. Increase of fat also increases vitamins which are meltable in fat, and this cheese is very rich with these vitamins. Milk fat contained in this cheese is 87-94% digestable, and therefore contains very little cholesterol. White soft cheese contains a lot of minerals, the most important are calcium and phosphor. 100 grams of hard cheese, concerning daily needs, fulfills needs for calcium 40-50%, and needs for phosphor 12-20%.

Because of high percentage of calcium, this cheese lowers:
- risk of dental caries
- risk of cancer.

All what has been said above, concludes: "The cheese is nutritient which does not contain matters which human organism does not need".

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